Teeth In A Day

Dental implants have risen in popularity due to the fact that they are more secure and reliable than alternative replacement methods. Traditionally, this has been a lengthy process, but dental technology has vastly improved. At CARE Implant & Specialist Dentistry, we have access to industry-leading equipment to ensure that your smile is restored today.

Need dental implants today? The professional team at CARE Implant & Specialist Dentistry can place crowns, full-arch bridges, and general implants in a day. Whether you need to extract a tooth, or one day dental implants, our team has over 20 years of experience, so they are prepared to offer you the best care possible in Sydney.

Same day teeth implants

Our lab technicians will construct an artificial tooth root that will be surgically inserted into your jaw bone, holding a replacement tooth or bridge. This surgery is necessary for patients that need to fix or replace a damaged or lost tooth and patients that require new or replacement dentures. CARE Implant & Specialist Dentistry make replacing teeth in a day with dental implants quick and easy. Once you have discussed your options with your dentist, simply contact us online or call us on 02 9415 2777 for a consultation today.

Benefits of same day implants

A lost or damaged tooth can have an immense impact on your everyday dental health. The health of a single tooth can spread quickly, so it is always important to seek dental care when you feel that you have a problem. Once you have sought advice from your general dental practitioner and received a referral for dental surgery, we can provide you with dental implants in a day.

  • Immediate treatment — It is essential to get dental treatment as soon as possible to avoid a problem from getting worse or even spreading. At CARE Implant & Specialist Dentistry, we make sure that once you have an appropriate referral, we can provide you with the necessary treatment in a single day. Our goal is to provide immediate one day implants so that you can live pain-free today. We can even provide you with full dentures if necessary.
  • Efficient post-surgery healing — As we have the expertise and ability to perform multiple surgeries in a day, you can minimise the time you wait between surgeries and ensure the least amount of healing time possible. If you need a tooth extracted and an implant placed, we can do both for you and save you the hassle of multiple visits. This allows you to focus on healing efficiently and only return for checkups if necessary.
  • Confidence — Get your confident smile back! CARE Implant & Specialty Dentistry prides itself on giving people back the confident smile they deserve. You won’t have to hide your smile or cover your face when you laugh once you have visited our clinic in Sydney. We will make sure that you leave our clinic with an authentic industry-leading smile by guiding you on your implant maintenance journey.

We ensure same day dental implants with the help of Dr Christopher Ho, one of Sydney’s leading dental implant specialists. Our state of the art facility in Sydney allows us to conduct several different types of dental treatment all under the same roof:

  • Sedation — We have a specialist facility that conducts industry-leading professional sedation.
  • Recovery rooms — Our recovery rooms are designed so that you stay comfortable during the crucial early stages of post-surgery recovery.
  • In-house lab — CARE Implant & Specialist Dentistry in Sydney is equipped with a lab that allows our technicians to design and built implant crowns and bridges all in the same facility.

CARE Implant & Specialty Dentistry — your trusted Sydney dental surgeons

If you need same day implants in Sydney today, CARE Implant & Speciality Dentistry has you covered. For more information on our services, dental fees, or to book a consultation and appointment via referral today, visit our helpful FAQs page or contact us and speak to a professional — we look forward to bringing back your confident smile!

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