All-on-4® Treatment Concept


Full Arch Treatment
(All-on-4 Dental Implants)

The All-on-4® treatment concept refers to a procedure where patients receive just four or more implants and a full set of new replacement teeth within a day!

It is the most common treatment in our clinic today for a full arch rehabilitation and is suitable for almost all lower jaw cases and most upper jaw cases.

All teeth are supported using four or more implants, hence the term all-on-4. The implants are tilted at an angle to take maximum advantage of existing bone, reducing the need for bone grafting. The real appeal is how quickly permanent implants can be placed so that patients can leave the same day with fixed non removable replacement teeth, by way of a temporary bridge.

After 3-6 months when the implants have healed and integrated into the bone, a permanent bridge will be custom made and fitted.

All-On-4 Key Benefits

  • The proper chewing of food.
  • No more dentures.
  • Less invasive.
  • Shortened treatment time.
  • Fixed bridges do not irritate the gums.
  • Improved speech and self-confidence.

The Problem with Dentures

Despite your best efforts, the day will likely come when you need at least one missing tooth replaced. Missing teeth can affect your smile, make it difficult to chew your food properly and negatively impact your overall health. If not replaced, the gap where your tooth is missing can cause other teeth to move out of place. This affects your bite and can even change your speech.

The best option is to replace missing teeth right away. Traditional dental treatments for replacing missing teeth include dental bridges, dentures, traditional dental implants and All-on-4® dental implants.

How All-on-4 dental implants work

All-on-4® is an advanced technique in tooth replacement. Unlike traditional implants that use one implant to replace one tooth, All-on-4® replaces the entire arch using only four implanted titanium screws. An entire set of teeth rests on four titanium implants supporting as many as 14 teeth.

The All-on-4® process is popular because it immediately replaces missing teeth. Once the implant is inserted, your teeth will look and feel natural. You can even leave the same day as your procedure — with fixed, non-removable teeth that look and feel like real teeth.

Another reason that All-on-4® dental implants are a good choice for many people is that they work for patients with virtually no bone. The posterior implants are tilted 45° towards the back of the mouth. This eliminates the need for difficult and expensive bone grafting procedures. It also reduces the time needed for rehabilitation and healing. A permanent bridge is custom-made and fitted after 3-6 months of allowing the implants to heal and integrate into the bone.

The All-on-4® process is less invasive, highly successful, and it provides a lifelong solution for missing teeth. These are the main reasons that All-on-Four® implants are one of our most requested procedures.

The difference between All-on-4® implants and other tooth replacement methods

A dental bridge reaches across the gap where teeth are missing, filling in the empty space with a false tooth or teeth. The teeth used to secure the gap are reshaped and capped with dental crowns. This process is a good choice for people with one or two missing teeth. While it can be used to replace more, it isn’t ideal for people with multiple missing teeth as the bridge can become less supportive the longer it is.

Dentures are a popular option for people with many missing teeth. They are affordable and less invasive than dental implants. The problem is that they rely on pastes and powders to keep them in place. Even those that fit well can slip, slide and even pop out of your mouth. They also don’t have a natural look and feel of real teeth.

Tooth decay or gum disease typically results in the loss of multiple teeth. Trauma, such as sporting accidents or falls, might only affect one or two teeth. Traditional dental implants are ideal when most of your teeth are still strong and healthy.

When multiple teeth are missing, All-on-Four® is a better choice — replacing the entire arch and providing lasting results.

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