Multiple Teeth Implants

Do you suffer from tooth decay, or have you sustained an injury that has damaged your teeth? According to the Australian 2020 Oral Health Tracker report, more than 15% of adults suffer tooth loss.

But there’s always a solution. Dental implants are the most popular and safest treatment option to replace your missing teeth. Dental implants for multiple missing teeth or your entire jaw are possible with our team’s help at Care Implants.

The benefits of dental implants

Damaging or losing even a single tooth can considerably impact a person’s everyday life and self-esteem. We never want our patients to feel that they can’t enjoy life with a beautiful smile and confidence to match — that’s why our multiple dental implants are here to help.

The benefits are outstanding. Not only does your quality of life improve, but your dental longevity is increased. Our dental implants improve your appearance and confidence and lead you to better speech, taste, and general oral comfort.

Unlike dentures, multiple teeth implants are permanently anchored to your mouth. Accordingly, they can eliminate problems with poor fit, gum irritation, painful pressure points in the mouth and trapped food. In turn, this can help reduce issues with decay or oral disease.

The dental implant procedure options

Let’s face it — no one likes visiting the dentist. People are often afraid, but at Care Implants and Dentistry, we take complete care in providing our patients with a brief guide on the simple process.

We start you off with a consultation, where one of our practitioners will perform a detailed analysis of your gums, teeth, and jaw structure. Our dental specialists evaluate and provide you with all the information regarding our different treatment options, so that you can make the best and right choice for your situation.

We offer two options for multiple teeth implants: traditional and practical.

If you’re considering taking the traditional option, dental implants are inserted into your mouth. After three to six months, abutments (which are metal connectors) are then added. A mould of your mouth is taken for the permanent crowns, denture or bridge to be made — this guarantees a precise fit.

To finish the implant process, your new crown, denture or bridge is safely secured to the metal connectors. Now, you only need to maintain good dental hygiene to ensure that your implants last for years to come.

The procedure begins once you are happy with moving forward with treatment and multiple teeth implants cost. The process will take approximately one to two hours, subject to how many implants are performed. From there, it’s a healing process where the implant will fuse into the bone. Final result? Beautiful teeth revealed with a confident smile.

The second option is immediate implant surgery in a single day, which follows a similar process in a more compressed timeframe. There are pros and cons to both, so your dentist will discuss the most appropriate option for your circumstances.

The Care Implants and Dentistry solution

Our team follows a non-invasive philosophy, and we aim to find solutions for our patients that suit their budget, dental requirements and aesthetic goals. Looking and feeling your absolute best is our goal and dream for you, which is why we are recognised as one of Sydney’s most trusted teams for dental implants.

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