Multiple Teeth Implants

Whether you need to replace two teeth or a full set of teeth in the upper or lower jaws, our team can provide an affordable solution tailored to your needs.

For many patients we are able to provide immediate implant surgery and fit crowns or a full arch bridge within one day.

Care Implants is able to do this because, at our Sydney centre, we have the required team and state of the art facilities.

Having implants placed begins with having a treatment plan made up based upon a detailed assessment of your mouth, gums, teeth, jaw and medical history.

As part of this, CT X-rays may be required to be taken for bone assessment and to guide where the implants should be best placed.

Based on your overall clinical situation, the dental implant specialist will provide you with information about the various treatment options available while also taking your wishes into account.

The Benefits

Dental implants have been gaining popularity on a day-to-day basis and are by far the most popular way to replace missing teeth in both the upper and lower jaw. Regaining a full set of teeth is going to work wonders for your confidence and significantly improve your quality of life.

The benefits of dental implants are vast and the team at Care Implants can fulfill all of your dental implant needs in Sydney. We have state-of-the-art facilities and experienced, friendly practitioners to meet every requirement and give you the best experience possible. Fixing your teeth in due time is essential because it’s a proactive step towards proper dental wellness – missing teeth can lead to more missing teeth so maintaining your dental health is essential. Unlike traditional dentures, getting multiple teeth implants don’t require nearly as much maintenance and eliminate gum irritation, the issue of poor-fit and food getting trapped beneath dentures.

Dental implants are the future of oral health – our dental specialists can evaluate each particular case and provide you with all the information regarding our different treatment options so you can make the correct, informed choice. Not only can you better your appearance and confidence, implants can also lead to improved speech, taste, general oral comfort and overall dental longevity.

Two Approaches

There are two basic ways forward for implant patients and they are:

  • The traditional method which is suitable for all patients.
  • Have the procedure done in a single day, an appropriate choice for many patients.

Either way, once you are happy with your treatment and cost plan, the procedure begins with the dental implant specialist uncovering the gum to insert the titanium implant under the jaw bone. A local anaesthetic is given or, if preferred, intravenous sedation. The placement will take approximately one to two hours subject to how many implants are done.

From here it is a healing process and the implant will fuse into the bone.

Traditional Route

For those patients taking the traditional route, the implants are placed and then, after three to six months, abutments are then added and a mould of your mouth is then taken for the permanent crowns, a denture or a bridge to be made, to guarantee a precise fit. During that time a temporary restoration can be worn so that there is no time without teeth.

To finish the implant process the new crowns, denture or bridge is secured to the abutment. By now it is mission accomplished and you only need to maintain good dental hygiene to ensure that your implants last as long as you do.

The traditional route is also recommended for people with a medical condition such as diabetes or if they suffer from poor bone density. Their condition makes it difficult to have the single day procedure.

One Day Treatments

The second option is where we can offer many patients with immediate implant surgery and crown/full arch bridge in a single day, in many instances using the immediate function approach or All on 4 dental implant procedure.

The one day procedure suits patients who have missing teeth or those who are replacing full dentures with the All on 4 dental implant procedure. We can also do this for patients with partial dentures with hopeless teeth or only one good tooth remaining and then provide implants for full upper and lower teeth.

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner

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