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The cost of dental implants varies in Sydney, usually between $4000 and $8000 per implant, or $25,000 - $50,000 for a full arch ‘All-on-4®’ implant procedure. Ordinarily this includes placement of the dental implant and the crown fitted to the implant. While a higher fee does not guarantee a better outcome, it would be unwise to compromise the quality of your treatment and experience potential complications in order to save on costs so it is important to find the right clinician to look after your needs.
5 things to consider when comparing dental implant costs

High quality componentry from a well-established and reputable implant manufacturer costs significantly more than second rate manufacturers. Reputable implant systems normally have over 20-30 years of research and data behind their products and such companies include Straumann, Nobel Biocare and Denstply. Ask your dentist what implant systems are available at their practice.

Choosing a reputable system is also crucial for any future repairs you may need. If you crack any implant crown (and yes, they can chip just like real teeth) your dentist can order another component and replace the crown. If your implant manufacturer is no longer in business you may not be able to repair it. This may require further extensive work which is not only expensive but also requires the time taken to get it done a second time, not to mention any discomfort from another procedure!

Some people require extraction and subsequent placement of an implant, others have infection present in the extraction site which will need treating and healing before implant placement. Where a tooth has been missing for many years, bone resorption may have taken place and an additional step, bone grafting, may be required to support the implant. Your medical history and current condition will affect your treatment so selecting a specialist on cost alone is not advisable. Not every case is the same and needs careful selection and planning.

Centre Facilities

CARE Dentistry is the winner of 2017 North Shore Local Business Awards for Health Improvement Services. Not all dental practices are equipped for dental implants. A prime example is 3D Cone Beam CT imaging which is an essential tool for implant surgery. This equipment assesses whether there is enough bone structure to support a dental implant. If your dental practice does not have this facility you may need to visit the dentist multiple times, as well as visiting a radiology centre.A well-equipped implant centre can save you time, and potentially money!

Likewise, the presence of an on-site laboratory allows you to discuss your restoration options with the technician directly without additional visits. Since your implant crown, or ‘tooth’, has to be customised to suit you, it is important for technicians to take a look in person and talk to you about your preference. It would be a shame to have a crown fitted that is not the correct colour or shape! The onsite technicians may modify the colour and appearance to best suit your existing teeth.

In Australia currently, there is no law preventing a general dentist with limited experience from carrying out complex implant surgery. Diagnosis, treatment planning and implant surgery is highly technical and poorly executed surgery can have serious long term consequences. Just as you would not choose your medical GP to perform heart surgery, you should choose a dental practitioner who has undertaken extensive post graduate training for any extensive and expensive implant treatment.A prosthodontist, or implant specialist, is more qualified than a general dentist and may charge a higher fee. Although a general dentist may have experience in implant surgery, a specialist in Australia has undergone an additional 3 years of full time training. The success of dental implants requires a thorough understanding of diagnosis and treatment planning, as well as careful and precise surgical placement. Unfortunately if implants are poorly executed this can result in an inferior physical and emotional experience.

Ask your dentist how many implant surgeries they have perform, how long they have been doing dental implants and look for their credentials. When in doubt, always seek a second opinion.

While the dental implant success rate is as high as 90-98%, if an implant does fail (becomes loose), a warranty is important so that your surgeon can replace an implant free of charge within an agreed time period. Reputable implant manufacturers offer this warranty which gives you peace of mind.

Implant maintenance is the key for its longevity and is often neglected; a good dental surgeon will ensure that you are reminded to return for follow up appointments. They will check that there has been no movement of the implant within the bone and that the occlusion, or ‘bite’, is correct so there is no unnecessary wear on the crown. Correct methods for cleaning will be discussed and appropriate tools for cleaning recommended if necessary. Just as if you bought a new premium car you would get regular services, use the best fuels and look after it, you also need to protect your dental implant investment!

Finally, it is important to go to a practice where your treatments are recorded and kept. Look for an accredited practice. Unfortunately we see many patients who cannot retrieve their records and are unable to complete their implant treatment.

CARE Dentistry is built with our patients in mind, to provide the highest quality dentistry and patient experience. From state of the art dental technology such 3D scanning and CBCT scan to straightforward treatment plan with clear pricing. When you come in for a consultation, we understand you want simple direct answers regarding how much it will cost. No one likes the surprise of hidden costs. We always provide a detailed treatment plan after your initial appointment which lists every charge for our case.

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