Denture Stabilisation Implants

Wearing ill-fitting dentures is one problem you shouldn’t have to put up with. At CARE Implants it’s something we can resolve for you through a minimally invasive procedure.

Our experienced team can secure your dentures through the placing of denture stabilisation implants within a single day for many cases.

Having your dentures secured through implants is an effective, affordable and long term solution which provides many benefits such as:

  • The proper chewing of food
  • Improved speech and self-confidence
  • The dentures do not irritate the gums

Done In A Single Day

With Care Implants there is no need for you to run around seeing various dental specialists to have your implant work done because, at our state of the art centre in Chatswood, we have all the necessary staff together under the one roof.

The Specialists

Our team is led by Dr Christopher Ho who is one of the most respected dental implant clinicians in Australia. Among our other experienced specialists are an oral maxillofacial surgeon who are supported by a team of technicians and specially trained dental hygienists.

CARE Implant’s team carry out one of the largest number of implants in NSW, and we have many overseas and regional patients who come to us to have their dental needs taken care of.

State of the Art Facilities

Our centre is one of the most modern and hi-tech dental facilities in Sydney and includes a IV sedation (sleep dentistry) facility, patient recovery rooms, a lab for making implant crowns and bridges plus the latest in dental technology.

If you are considering having denture stabilisation implants placed it would be difficult to find a better service.

If you would like to know how we can help you further, or to book a consultation please phone 02 9415 2777 or enquire online.

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