Denture Stabilisation Implants

At CARE Implants, we believe that there is no reason for anyone to be wearing ill-fitting dentures. Our expert staff can help secure your dentures through a minimally invasive denture stabilisation procedure. As with most of our services, this can be done in a single day for most cases.


Cost-effective solution

Securing your dentures through an implant procedure is an affordable and effective long term solution that comes with many additional benefits, including: 

  • The proper chewing of food — There’s no need to live with loose dentures, especially when eating food. We know how vital chewing comfortably is for your day-to-day life. Our specialists will ensure that your chewing problems will disappear. 
  • Improved speech and self-confidence — Don’t suffer the consequences of ill-fitting dentures that move around when you talk. You can smile and converse confidently after we safely and effectively secure your dentures.
  • The dentures do not irritate the gums — Our denture stabilisation procedures are designed for comfort and quality of life, so you’ll never have to deal with irritating dentures again.


Done in a single day

Tired of running around to see several dental specialists? CARE Implants has the solution for you. Our state of the art facility in Chatswood has everything you need under one roof. We believe in securing the best specialists in Australia, so we have all the necessary staff together under one roof to ensure you get all the help you need in one convenient place. 


The specialists

Our team is led by Dr Christopher Ho, one of Australia’s most respected dental implant clinicians. Among our other experienced specialists is an oral maxillofacial surgeon who is supported by a team of technicians and specially trained dental hygienists.

The team at CARE Implants is proud to carry out some of the largest numbers of implant stabilisation procedures in NSW. Our Sydney based clinic also attracts many overseas and regional patients, so you know that you’ll be in the right hands when you need a procedure performed by our professional staff. 


State of the art facilities

Our centre is one of Sydney’s most modern and hi-tech dental facilities. It includes an IV sedation (sleep dentistry) facility, patient recovery rooms, a lab for making implant crowns and bridges, and the latest dental technology.

There’s no better place to secure your dentures than CARE Implants, so book a consultation and appointment via referral now. 

If you need same-day denture stabilisation in Sydney, look no further than CARE Implants. If you’d like to know how we can help you today, you can visit our informative FAQs page or contact us online or call us on 02 9415 2777 and speak to a professional member of our staff — we’re excited to help bring your confident smile back!


Our professional team at CARE Implants — led by Dr Christopher Ho — conduct a minimally invasive implant procedure to stabilise dentures. By connecting the dentures to the jawbone, we can permanently create a solution for denture stabilisation

No. Traditional dentures require professional adjustment for temporary relief. At CARE Implants, we can offer a permanent solution so that you never have to worry about adjusting your dentures again! 

This can be due to several factors. The most common cause of ill-fitting dentures is the change of your mouth or even your dentures. This will cause the dentures to lose their suction capabilities, becoming increasingly loose and irritating over time. 

Traditional dentures are temporary solutions — requiring regular maintenance — so you will always have this problem at some point in time. That’s why we provide a permanent denture stabilisation service, so you don’t have to worry about loose dentures ever again. Simply get in touch with us, and you could be living more comfortably today. 

We understand how important it is to live comfortably in all aspects of your life. At CARE Implants, we are committed to providing permanent solutions to denture problems. Our state of the art Sydney facility is equipped with industry-leading technology, ensuring that you have access to the latest and greatest dental technology in Australia. 

Our denture stabilisation procedures can be performed in one day, and as it is a permanent solution, you’ll be set for the rest of your life! To get started, simply get in touch with us today, and we can start a consultation and book an appointment for you via referral.

As each procedure is different, we approach every patient individually. The costs of our services will depend on a few things, so it is best to refer to our pricing page and get in touch with us today for more information. 

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