Dental Implants

Implant Maintenance

With proper care, dental implants should last a lifetime but, if they are not brushed and flossed regularly, peri-implantitis can occur. This is a condition similar to periodontitis (bone and gum recession) and a chronic case can lead to loss of soft tissue and bone and, quite possibly, the loss of the implants. It is very important that dental implants are correctly maintained.

Looking After Dental Implants

Looking after your implants is a simple procedure. A single tooth implant only requires regular brushing and flossing. The hygienist may recommend a special implant cleaning brush or Piksters to enable you to clean effectively between the teeth.

Multiple teeth implants and full arch implants require the brushing and flossing as above and, in addition, the use of a waterpik high-presure water system twice a day to clean around the implant prosthesis. This must be done as the acrylic used on this will accumulate plaque, calculus and stains which must be removed, and the prosthesis may need to be removed every few years for a thorough clean and debridement by a dental specialist.

The CARE Dentistry Philosophy

In addition to regular dental hygiene appointments, patients need to have a brief follow up appointment one year after their final restoration is placed. This appointment is important to remember as it allows us to clean and review the implant as well as take an x-ray to monitor its long term health and stability.

We provide comprehensive follow up care because we believe this is essential to the success of the procedure. This includes post-surgical checks, implant integration checks and, even after your final restorations are placed, we will spend the time to teach you how to care for your new teeth.

Poor Implant Maintenance & Complications

Unfortunately we are seeing more and more patients suffering complications from poorly executed dental implants, sometimes due to inexperienced or overseas dentists. The substandard dental work and use of implants that are not approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia, can result in considerable pain, infection and failure after only a short time. For this reason it is critical that you ensure to have your implants properly placed in the first instance and follow up with the correct care and maintenance. We never compromise on follow up care because we, as well as you, want you to love your teeth for a lifetime!

If you suffer from any conditions below, or in need of repairing your existing implant, please contact us on 9415 2777 or enquire online.

Dental Implants

Common problems

Broken abutment

Broken implant

Broken screw

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