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Dr Jaehee (Rachel) Lee

Specialist Periodontist

BOralH/GDipDent (QLD), DClinDent (Perio) (QLD)

Dr Jaehee (Rachel) Lee is CARE Dentistry’s Periodontist.
Dr Jaehee (Rachel) Lee is a highly skilled and experienced periodontist with a passion for providing exceptional dental care. Born in Korea and raised in Melbourne, Dr Lee developed a deep appreciation for oral health from a young age. Her fascination with dentistry led her to pursue her studies at Griffith University, where she obtained her degree in dentistry and received an award for academic excellence for 5 consecutive years.


Driven by her dedication to the field and a desire to specialize in periodontics, Dr Lee continued her education at Griffith University. There, she completed her specialist training in periodontics, honing her expertise in diagnosing and treating gum diseases, as well as performing intricate implant and gum surgeries. Her commitment to maintaining the highest standard of care in her practice is evident in every aspect of her work.


With a wealth of experience in periodontal and implant surgeries, Dr Lee has garnered a reputation for her exceptional skills and outstanding results. She has successfully performed numerous complex procedures, transforming the smiles and lives of her patients. Dr Lee’s expertise allows her to tackle even the most challenging cases, ensuring optimal oral health and functionality for her patients.


Dr Lee’s patients appreciate her gentle approach, compassionate nature, and attention to detail. She believes in creating a comfortable and supportive environment for her patients, where they can feel at ease during their treatments. Driven by her passion for improving oral health and overall well-being, she educates her patients on the importance of preventive care and guides them through personalized treatment plans.


In addition to her clinical practice, Dr Lee remains dedicated to advancing her knowledge and skills. She actively participates in continuing education programs and stays updated with the latest advancements in periodontal and implant dentistry. By incorporating cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art technologies into her practice, she ensures her patients receive the highest standard of care.


Dr Lee has been a clinical tutor at Griffith University and is a respected professional in the dental community, admired for her expertise, professionalism, and commitment to patient satisfaction. Her extensive experience, combined with her warm and caring demeanour, make her a trusted choice for individuals seeking exceptional periodontal and implant treatments. Apart from English, Dr Lee also speaks fluent Korean.

Our Awards

CARE Dentistry is the Winner of the 2017 North Shore Local Business Awards for Healthcare Improvement Services.

Our aim at CARE Implant & Specialist Dentistry Sydney is to provide an All-in-one Dental Centre with state-of-the-art technology and an on-site laboratory. This ensures patients' convenience and reduces the need for multiple appointments and locations.

We have an Dental Implant Specialist, Maxillofacial Surgeon (wisdom teeth, full mouth surgery, cleft palate), Periodontists (gum health, maintenance and related procedures), hygienists, and general dentists in our Sydney dental clinic so all patients’ needs can be met.

CARE Dentistry is a QIP accredited dental practice, we adhere to NSQHS standards and protocols.


How to Choose the
Right Implant Dentist

Your choice of dental implant dentist is the most critical decision that can make the difference between a successful treatmentand a dental implant failure. The most important factors to consider when searching to find a dental implant dentist include:

Experience in Dental Implant Placement

When you have to choose the dental professional to perform your dental implants surgery procedure, the major key factor is nothing else than experience. Find someone that has experience in dental implants with a post graduate qualifications in implantdentistry or a specialty area of dentistry, often a Prosthodontist, Maxillofacial Surgeon or Periodontists. Look for an implant dentist in your area who practices extensively in dental implants.

Training in Implant Procedures

Adequate post-doctoral training is important for a dental implant dentist. Implant training programs cover a detailed theory syllabus,as well as supervised surgical training and mentoring. Dental implants is a dynamic field of dentistry and dental implant dentists need continuous education on new materials and techniques. Look for a dentist that has implant qualifications in a reputable university and better still if they teach implants to other dentists. When in doubt conduct a search on the internet on their qualifications and implant lectures given.

Certification – Scientific Affiliations

Certification for dental implants has a meaning only in those countries that have strict legal requirements for implant dentists. Otherwise scientific affiliations in local ‘Implatology’ related societies might not provide adequate evidence on the dentist’s training or expertise on dental implants. A good implant dentist will be affiliated to a reputable university.

Long Term Patients

A good implant dentist will be able to show you their earliest cases of implants (at least more than 7 years) placed by them and provide their implant success rates. They should also be able to demonstrate the number of implants placed by them and the wide variety of implants placed. Ask them about the implant system being used and warranties on implants.

Dental Implant Cost

Placing dental implants is one of the most expensive dental procedures, due to the professional expertise required by the performing dental implant dentist, and the high tech materials used for the implants. Unfortunately you should not expect to find significant discounts for low cost dental implants without compromising quality.

Heavily discounted prices on dental implants may be an indication of a less experienced dentist trying to establish one’s self or of using lower quality materials. A good dental implant dentist should provide a comprehensive written treatment plan for you.