At CARE Dentistry we perform a large number of dental implant procedures to restore teeth for patients however some patients may have to have temporary dentures while waiting to receive their final teeth.

Having something foreign in your mouth can feel awkward and often people say they feel like gagging or they bite their cheeks or tongue.

Common Temporary Denture Problems Try
Excessive saliva Sucking mint or hard lollies to encourage you to swallow more frequently to clear the excess saliva.
Difficulty eating Cutting food into smaller pieces and alternate chewing on each side of the mouth. Always start with soft foods such as eggs, fish, rice, poached vegetables.
Difficulty speaking Bite and swallow before speaking. Speaking more slowly to avoid movements that raise and/or move your lower denture. Use a denture adhesive to help secure your dentures
Painful Dentures This indicates that the denture might be need to be re-fitted. Do not ignore this as some people can get Cheilitis or Stomatitis which is a painful infection that causes by overgrowth of yeast from poor fitting dentures.
3 Top Tips for Caring For Your Dentures
  • Clean your dentures daily by soaking overnight with a denture cleaner and using a soft bristled toothbrush, brush away residue, rinse well with warm water not hot water.
  • Handle and store your dentures carefully by placing the denture on a face towel on the counter to avoid dropping them.
  • Never sleep with your denture in your mouth as you need to give your gums a rest to avoid sore spots and reduce risk of mouth infections.