Having missing and failing teeth is concerning for several reasons, among them the affect it has on your jaw health.

When you have a missing tooth there is subsequently a lack of stimulus that the tooth would have provided to the supporting jaw bone. This causes resorption – a breakdown of the jaw bone that worsens with time.

Resorption not only weakens the jaw but it changes a person’s appearance – making them look older. How this condition comes about is related to the relationship between the teeth and jawbone. Each day your teeth gently touch each other, prompting the bone underneath each tooth to persistently rebuild and maintain its density.

Other Problems

When a tooth or teeth are missing, it also affects the way the jaws close because the resulting gaps makes it possible for the remaining teeth to wander which results in bite-relationship problems with the opposing teeth. This may lead to chronic pain in the jaw joint (TMJ).

Teeth loss will also result in diminished self-confidence and a deterioration of your general well-being because of your inability to chew food adequately. Many foods typically become problematic for toothless people to chew.

The above health problems can be nipped in the bud through the replacement of missing teeth by lifelike prosthetic teeth supported by dental implants.

Dental implants are made from medical-grade titanium and they fuse with the jawbone. This enables them to act like the tooth by being a stabilising and stimulating factor on the jaw bone. What’s more dental implants end the anxiety and discomfort caused by missing or failing teeth.

At CARE Implants we can place dental implants at our centre in the Sydney suburb of Chatswood and give you back a wonderful smile and help you feel great. Importantly, they will also help prevent bone loss.

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