Considering getting dental implants? If you have been wearing dentures, you probably are already aware of the problems associated with them.

Eating Is Difficult

Many denture wearers experience difficulty in eating certain foods such as nuts, seeds and crunchy raw vegetables, for example, and their nutrition may be compromised as a result. This can lead to digestive tract issues and illnesses.

Self Consciousness

A removable denture puts a lot of pressure directly on the bone surface which causes bone resorption over time which is why many dentures are poorly fitting and can slip and slide when you speak. This makes people self-conscious and often lacking in confidence. It is not uncommon then to stop smiling or avoid socialising and this impacts greatly on a person’s lifestyle. The Better Health Channel has published a list of complications. In addition, gum irritation, food trapping under the denture and the fact that dentures should be removed while sleeping are other lifestyle considerations. 

Shrunken Face

If you are missing teeth and don’t want dentures, or to grind down adjacent teeth for a bridge, you may be considering leaving a gap but this can lead to a chain reaction where adjacent teeth can collapse into the gap and teeth in the opposing jaw can grow into the gap. One missing tooth can lead to the loss of other teeth and a change in your facial appearance over time as teeth drift, causing bite problems which can cause jaw ache. Missing teeth cause the bone to shrink away and the longer a tooth is missing, the greater amount of bone loss. This causes a shrunken face and premature aging.

How Dental Implant Can Change Your Life

The good news is that dental implants can slow or stop the jawbone shrinkage altogether. They are titanium roots that are inserted into the jaw and bond with the bone, serving as anchors for replacement teeth that feel and function like natural teeth. The implant, crown and gums work together in perfect harmony. You can eat what you want, taste food properly again, enjoy comfort and improved speech, look younger and regain your self-esteem! 

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Dental Implants Can Change Your Life

Dental Implants have many long term health benefits and can be suitable for a wide age range.